SOUS Stories: Ron Blaauw

Ron Blaauw: “A place where you can relax and a place where you can be yourself”

In the culinary search for what keeps chefs busy, we sit down with them with 'SOUS Stories' and discuss their path to success. This week with a real ambassador of the catering profession: Ron Blaauw.

Ron Blaauw is one of the Netherlands' most famous chefs. He managed to achieve several Michelin stars with his restaurants. What restaurant means to him? Everything! Being together, a place where you can relax and a place where you can be yourself," says Ron. "But also a place where I feel safe, but above all a place where people are enjoying themselves with a big smile. With the sound of cutlery and the buzz, because that is the ultimate sound.”

When asked how Ron was able to reach the culinary top, he answers: “I think I got where I am now by daring to make a lot of mistakes, learning from them, but also falling down and getting back up again. Sometimes you inevitably take a step back, but then it is important to take two steps forward again. But above all: never give up and always enjoy it.”

And when you think of Ron Blaauw, you also think of his delicious Indonesian dishes. According to Ron, Indonesian cuisine equals a piece of history and the ultimate taste experience. “A rice table is very versatile with all those different bowls on the table, you can see it as modern tapas. And the great thing is: if you order it, you hardly have any preparation time.” But Ron also invites enthusiastic home cooks to stir the pots themselves: “You can take courses with us to make rendang, sambal and other things yourself.”

And of course Ron also has a favorite dish: “The nasi, from the recipe of our chef Agus. He knows exactly how spicy it should be, but the use of trassie in the fried rice is also essential. The taste experience that Agus manages to create is unique.

Ron continues: “If I go on holiday to Thailand, I can't wait to immerse myself in the local cuisine. But after two days of Thai food, my throat is dry. For example, I don't have that with Indonesian cuisine: I can't get enough of it. Delicious!"

And which cookbooks should definitely not be missing from the shelf? Ron answers with a laugh: “10 years around Gastrobar, of course! And I can certainly recommend the book by Paul Bocuse or Escoffier for those interested in classical cuisine. This contains all French classic preparations, from making a salpicon ragout to a Beef Wellington. I think basic techniques are essential if you love cooking. According to Ron, people often skip this and prefer to opt for a modern or popular book by Ottolenghi or Jamie Oliver.

When Ron cooks at home, he enjoys his baked potatoes the most. When asked what makes these potatoes so special, he answers: “That's a secret! I can't reveal anything about that. In fact, there really is a veto on that!”.

The most special experience Ron had away from home was with Paul Bocuse. “I have had many wonderful culinary experiences, but this one stands head and shoulders above the rest for me. I was there with my kids, and my son, who didn't like much at the time, was served a great sole. He was enjoying that so much.” The service was also really great, says Ron, “The kids were completely packed, and that dessert trolley was really amazing to see!”

Finally, we ask Ron what the collaboration with SOUS means to him. “The collaboration initially arose from an emergency situation during the corona crisis. But even after this period, many people still wanted to eat out at home. And understandably so, because how nice is it to bring a restaurant experience into your home?! And then it is on the table in no time, without having to do all kinds of frills.”

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