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At SOUS we love good food and we want to share that with you. Travel the world with us and experience the unique flavors. Each box offers a unique experience: special and authentic dishes to share, or to eat yourself!

Indian flavors in your kitchen

Indian cuisine is one of the most diverse cuisines in the world, with regional specialties and dishes ranging from mild to very spicy. Curries, tandoori and naan bread are some of the best-known dishes. The rich flavors and aromas of Indian cuisine are a true sensation. The Flavors of India menu contains a selection of the most delicious and authentic Indian dishes, selected by our worldwide chefs. From butter chicken to biryani, we stimulate your taste buds with the Tastes of India menu!

Shared dining

Do you want to take a culinary trip around the world, but together? Then our World of Streetfood menu is exactly what you need! This menu contains a selection of the most popular street dishes from around the world. From spicy Thai noodles to Mexican quesadillas, it will be a special and varied culinary journey. And best of all? Our chefs have adapted the recipes so that you can easily prepare these delicacies at home.

Discover the flavors with SOUS

Whether you love Indian cuisine, are looking for new flavors, or simply want to enjoy dishes from all over the world: SOUS offers a unique culinary experience you won't want to miss. Enjoy our carefully selected and adapted dishes. Order your menu now and go on a journey of discovery with SOUS!

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