Robert Kranenborg

Robert JK Kranenborg (1950) has an impressive track record in the culinary world. He enjoyed a privileged education as a traditional chef, with a focus on both French and international Dutch cuisine. This training lasted no less than 12 years. It underlines his dedication and passion for his profession. After completing his training, Kranenborg was put in charge of six restaurants in both Belgium and the Netherlands in 1977. His mission has always been aimed at achieving Michelin star level. And with great success. He has managed to obtain six Michelin stars. From 2008 onwards, Kranenborg chose a new path. He used his knowledge and experience as a restaurant consultant in a wide variety of areas. Once again he achieved success. This time with five restaurants in the Netherlands and Germany that earned a total of six Michelin stars.   Kranenborg's culinary career is a source of inspiration for many and his achievements have left a lasting mark on the gastronomic world.

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