Cocktails, the drinks that make your summer complete, because admit it, nothing tastes as good as a delicious cocktail. Whether you're enjoying the sunset on a tropical beach, having a drink on the terrace or just whipping one up at home with friends, cocktails have the power to make the moment special. Let's dive into the world of cocktails with a few favorites.


Also called the shine of the city. A mix of vodka, triple sec, lime syrup and cranberry juice. It is one of the most loved and famous ladies' cocktails. One with elegance and a seductive color, a combination of sweet and sour that will surprise you.

Pornstar Martini

A cocktail that likes to attract attention, a feast for the eyes and the taste buds. With the tempting mix of vodka, passion fruit, lime and vanilla, this cocktail promises a heavenly experience. With a subtle balance between sweet and sour and a touch of exotic passion, the Pornstar Martini is one of the most ordered cocktails at many cocktail bars for good reason.


Travel to the Caribbean beaches because the Daiquiri - pronunciation Dek-ke-ri - originally comes from the Cuban village of Daiquiri. There was an American who ran out of whiskey & gin. By making a mix of rum, lime and sugar, the perfect combination was created between the sour lime, sweet sugar and rum.


The icon in the cocktail world, intended for wealthy Americans who came to Tijuanan. The Mexicans put salt on the back of the hand to lick it, then took a 'shot' (shot glass) of tequila and then sucked out a piece of lime. By mixing just these three ingredients, the 'short' cocktail can be drunk from the glass instead of. to be shot.

Espresso Martini

The cocktail that has become indispensable, because it has been on almost every menu for a number of years now. A favorite for many coffee lovers, a blend of fresh espresso, vodka and coffee liqueur. This cocktail not only gives you a kick, but also looks elegant due to the beautiful foam layer on top and the decoration of 3 coffee beans. Did you know that symbolizes health, wealth and happiness.


A classic Italian cocktail, known for its complex flavors, a combination of bitter, sweet and dry. Through the combination of gin, vermouth and campari. A cocktail you have to love, one where every sip reveals new flavors.

Old Fashioned

Sometimes simplicity is the key to perfection and that certainly applies to the Old Fashioned. A classy cocktail where whiskey and style come together perfectly. With bourbon, Angostura bitters and sugar, each ingredient contributes to the deep and rich flavor.

Whether you are looking for a classic cocktail or exotic flavors. The world of cocktails has something for everyone. Release your inner bartender, experiment with ingredients and enjoy. Or be surprised by our tasty cocktail boxes.