Restaurant Aroma

My name is Pasquale Carfora and I am from Italy. I grew up on the coast of Sabaudia in the Lazio region, south of Rome. Here I lived partly with my parents, partly on my grandparents' farm. Very early on I came into contact with the typical southern Italian cuisine here. On the farm, old, traditional dishes were prepared with ingredients straight from the land. Pure and fresh. My mother also worked as a chef in an Italian seaside resort, which also brought me into contact with the professional kitchen. This early phase shaped the rest of my life, because even then I decided to dedicate my life to cooking. For me, the harmony in my dishes symbolizes the harmony I have found in my life between Italy and the Netherlands, between the different cultures and cooking styles. In the Aroma restaurant I hope to honor all those important people in my life who have brought me here. To all my teachers and especially Jacob Jan Boerma, who taught me so much. To my parents-in-law Jan and Paola and my Elisa, with whom I am embarking on this enormous adventure. And of course to my parents and grandparents, who taught me the love of cooking so many years ago.

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