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A cozy, extensive and classic three-course dinner at home during the festive month? After last year's success, we at Two Chefs are going to do it again this year! From Christmas to New Year's Eve, our chefs will work with you to ensure that you have a fantastic dinner on the table again. A full-fledged dinner with a whole turkey to top it all off, with delicious accompanying dishes and a dessert. All this can be prepared at home within an hour! Pull out the warm woolen sweater from the closet, uncork the bottle of wine and light the candlelight, because we will serve you a delicious Roasted Turkey Dinner. Being together with friends and family, something that feels more important than ever this year. December is the month for a cozy dinner with your loved ones, something that we currently have to do at home. We offer you a helping hand in this! We have prepared a fantastic dinner, which can be served for four people with a few simple steps. Think of that well-filled table from your favorite Christmas movie, or like in the past with the whole family at grandma's house.

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