Colibrí Cocina Mexicana

My name is Max Wandt, Chef and owner of Colibrí Cocina Mexicana. I started in the catering industry when I was 14 and have never left since. After working in the catering industry as a side job for a few years, I started training as a chef. I soon discovered that I would eventually want to start something for myself, but I wasn't sure yet what that would be. About 8 years ago I accidentally came across a Mexican recipe that really appealed to me. This has stuck a bit and over the years has developed into a small obsession with Mexican cuisine. After my time in Mexico I returned to Arnhem to work on opening Colibrí Cocina Mexicana. Colibrí Cocina Mexicana opened its doors in April 2023. We are a modern Mexican restaurant with a focus on quality. At Colibrí we combine the real flavors of Mexico with modern cooking techniques. Our strongest point lies in the fact that literally everything we serve is made in-house.

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