SOUS Party Packs

SOUS party packs is a collaboration with, together we have joined forces to offer the tastiest spirits for every moment and for every menu. So, something to celebrate? Want to make an impression at the next big occasion? Arrive in style with a Party Pack. Choose between a Deluxe or Super Deluxe box with bottles of quality rums, Tequila/Mezcals, Whiskey/Bourbons or Gins. Each box contains 16 mixers, so you... make top quality mixed drinks at home, on the beach or wherever you and your friends also get together. Your Party Pack also includes a surprise snack and a dynamic board game that changes with every order. Bottle opener, measuring cup, bar mats, all supplies are included. Your menu includes mixing instructions and a link to a DJ playlist to get your party started. No party is complete without a SOUS Party Pack. Buy one today and party with your friends!